Like its DYNOMITE!

September 4, 2010

Yeah, sorry. I know, I know. I haven’t posted in forever. My inspiration is gone, but I’m gonna push through and get it back. I shall, I shall, I shall.

I’ve been pretty busy with band and Ian and school. In between all of those things when I do get free time all I want to do is lay around and be lazy. Being lazy is fun! Let me tell ya. lol

But seriously, nothing interesting has happened, I guess I’m a really boring person so I’ll try my best to drag out my posts and act like I’m the coolest person in the world. ;P

What I’m about to say is so not related to Ian, but…I’m really interested in weddings. I love looking at that kind of stuff, so I was thinking I might get a kick out of being a wedding planner. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows maybe I’ll pursue that when I’m financially stable and can afford to make mistakes. Until then, I’m washing old people.

Oh and by the way….HELLO FALL!


Can you see it?

June 10, 2010

The breeze smell like honeysuckle and grass.

The sun hurts my eyes and browns my freckles.

A ladybug tickles my leg.

A Gypsy licks my face, I laugh and push her away, her tail wagging happily as she plops down beside me.

With my new pillow of black fur I watch the clouds drift by lazily.

Bees buzz around the flowers.

The warm wind blows my dress.

Life 101

June 4, 2010

Some things I’ve learned in my 17 years of life;
-Things never work out the way you plan.

-Parents aren’t dumb, but sometimes they are ignorant. XD

-Guys are scoundrels.

-Girls are mean.

-Just because there is a ring on your finger and a promise of his lips, doesn’t mean its real.

-People lie.

-People change; and in the worst ways and times.

-Never date a senior unless you are one yourself, they will soon become college kids.

-Just because he has a license doesn’t mean he is a good driver.

-People will lie to get what they want.

-Living life, and making stupid decisions are not the same thing.

-Midnight is not the time to be chasing after prince charming, its the time to be sleeping.

-If you leave your shoes at a guy’s house, he won’t search the land for the girl it fits.

-All girls are born princesses and should be treated so.

-But not all guys are born princes, and some of them never become so.

-Cookie monster still loves cookies even though he doesn’t eat them for breakfast anymore.

-I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

-Unlimited Texting should be able to be shared.

-The sweetest guys are the ones who are usually your best friend.

-All the pain in life can be heal by family and friends.

-Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of us all.

-The times in church where you want to stand up crying and shout to the lord should not be held back.

-The only touch to your heart that matters is the touch of God.

-The bible should be read everyday, by families. Especially on Christmas day.

-It is okay to let go now and then, as long as you’re not letting go of important things.

-Santa is not Satan. In fact you could even propose him as a symbol of faith.

-Arguing over religion is dumb. I’m not forcing anyone to believe.

-Saxophone is by far the coolest instrument ever made.

-Love is a re-newable resource.

-Family matters most.

-Live today, plan tomorrow.