July 7, 2010

I know I haven’t blogged in a while so here is what is happening! ;

First off, today like in just a couple hours (shudder) I’m getting my tattoo. I’m INCREDIBLY scared. I remeber when I got my belly button pierced I almost passed out, yeah its happening again. HOMFGWOAH! Somebody help!

I’ve been really busy dating Ian lol. It’s a full time job. But its going amazing.

I’ve been doing nothing really.

Except for last week, I spent time with family and got a little tipsy. It was fun :D

Yes, alcohol. I found some I liked. Don’t worry though. I’m not as much of a horrible child as I seem.

OH GOODNESS! I’m effing nervous!


One Response to “HOMFGWOAH!”

  1. melstac's 3iph6one5 project said

    thx for the comment! getting a tattoo is the most amazing experience! you’ll do fine! just don’t forget to breathe ^_^

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