The Tattoo!

June 20, 2010

The tattoo has been chosen! I’m gonna change the orange shadow to purple. How did this IMPOSSIBLE thing happen? How did I convince my dad??! I talked to him, told him it was small, where I was gonna put it, why it was going there, blah, blah blah. He said yes! Of course his reasoning is that I won’t get the money for it, but that is WRONG!! Because I’m getting some just next week. HOPEFULLY, if it isn’t enough for a bigger one it’ll be enough for a smaller one. Not too small. I’m sooo freakin excited!


3 Responses to “The Tattoo!”

  1. Thats looks cool, however tats are a real eye sore after the fact of wanting wears off the inky stain wont. Currently I have a few tats thought i`m in the process of wanting to get them removed. Flawless skin without marks or inks is very appealing.

  2. lisamonet said

    That’s really nice! I have one of my grandfathers initials on my wrists. And I’m getting my brothers initials behind my ears (I have two brothers) and my moms symbol on my shoulder. Its true once you get one you’re ADDICTED!

  3. carlosra said

    I gotta say I don’t like tattoos much in girls but that is a nice design, also depends on where you going to do it. Tattoos in women’s arms look ugly, they look nice in the lower belly or in the back just below the neck. My friend got one there and it looks cute. :D

    But that’s just my opinion and taste, to each its own. :P

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