Dear Princess,

June 17, 2010

(A follow-up blog to Dear Mr. Charming)

I got your letter on the wind. I want you to know I’m on my way, I’m going as fast as I can. Hopefully I’ll be with you soon. Don’t lose faith in me. I love you, I promise.

I wish I could be with you this summer, but I’ll make up for it with every summer from now on. When I get there I’ll take you on a picnic at the lake and we can lay in the grass for as long as you want. I know you are in pain and believe me I’m upset. I want to be there to make sure you are never alone again.

I’m sorry about all the worthless boys you’ve had to go through to find me. None of them could ever even imagine how much I love you, could never understand how amazing you are. I’ve had my share of girlfriends and heart-break. You’ll never have to worry about me going back to them. They can’t hold a candle next to you.

I can’t wait to sit around and watch movies with you. To listen to music, to watch you paint. I’ll sing to you if you want me to. I’ll sing you to sleep every night. I’d love to learn saxophone and maybe I’ll make it in time to watch your last year in marching band, I’d love to see that. Imagine all the time we’ll spend just enjoying each other. I’d do anything for you without you even having to ask.

I miss you even though I’ve never met you. I love you completely. As soon as I get there you’ll know. I’ll love you always and everyday I’ll show it. Keep me in your heart. I’m on my way.


Your Forever


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