Just Let It Go

June 16, 2010

Yeah. Like I can do that.

I am in a very successful high school marching band and it’s my senior year. In middle school I started out on Alto Saxophone. This is the sax that they started everyone out on. When I went to high school I marched alto for one year and got the offer to switch to tenor and see how I do. I switched, and loved it. It was so much better than alto. Comparatively alto sucks. But there were bigger and better things; Bari Sax. Next to Soprano sax this is the best thing ever.

So after marching season my sophomore year I switched from tenor to bari and fell in love. I played it all through concert season and was super excited by the idea of marching it my junior year. But when that came along my band director who is notorious for letting people down said that I should keep to tenor. God.

So I stuck it out and marched tenor, waiting to switch back to bari for concert season. So finally I switched to it for the last time. I had my mind made up nothing was stopping me from marching that instrument…except for a jack ass.

I opened up my case one day, picked up my bari and a ton of keys fell back into the case. I bawled my eyes out. I was ready to kill the one who had done this to me. It looked like they had smashed my bari against the wall. So it was sent in to the repair shop for a good long time and I played around on my soprano until it finally came back on my birthday.

Of course, two months later due to bad repairs my keys became unaligned easily making it hard to play. Now for these keys to become unaligned something happened. It was dropped, hit, banged up. Something. But this time I knew the culprit. Lets call him Mr. Retard. Now Mr. Retard also played bari, sorta. When I say he played bari I mean he plays it once a week for about two months in our jazz band. Thats it. Compared to how much I play its like 1 watermelon seed to a whole watermelon. I wasn’t there for one jazz practice and he decided he wanted to play my bari without me knowing about it. The next day I got out my bari and thats when I discovered the messed up keys. I cussed his ass out and made sure everybody got to know about it.

Now bari saxophones are very expensive. My blazer coss less .I could get probably 2 and 1/2 blazers for the price of a good bari. So the bari I was playing was about 30 years old. Mr. Retard’s was even older. So the day I walk into the band room and see a brand new bari my heart jumped out of my chest. I never would have thought we would be able to afford it. I was so excited. Then I heard the news. Mr. Retard was getting the new bari. Once again I bawled my eyes out. And when I told my mom the news the first thing out of her mouth, “I don’t blame him.” WTF, thank you for being so supportive when I’m absolutely crushed.

Now explain to me how that makes sense. The PRIMARY bari player (me) doesn’t get the brand new bari, but instead the one who never plays it (Mr. Retard) gets it, while I am playing a broken one. So the new bari doesn’t get to get played.

The director said its because I’m “irresponsible with my bari.” Yeah like I let those people mess up my bari. He said, “You shouldn’t let anyone play your bari with or without your permission.” Then he goes and tells the head alto section leader to get it out and play it during rookie band camp. How the FUCK does that makes sense?

Pisses me off to no end, still makes me want to cry. I HATE IT!! OMG!! The only reason I stayed in band for my senior year was too piss the band director off who gave away a perfectly good bari to someone who wouldn’t play it and who isn’t nearly as good as I am. But instead the last week of junior year the director says he is retiring so I can’t even fucking do that.

This is totally FUCKED up. And all everyone can say to me is, “Get over it.”

Thanks a lot. Really helps.


2 Responses to “Just Let It Go”

  1. mo. said

    That is totally screwed!!! So sorry!!
    But chin up… Something good will come from this. (:

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