Get Up!

June 16, 2010

Dear Girl,

I’ve noticed something. Know that there is something wrong, at least. Something is missing. But there is the problem within itself. You have no idea what. I don’t either.

It can’t just be love. You shouldn’t be this dependent on love, right? Right. But you are, at least you seem to be. No matter how you fight it, you always end up like this; sitting around, wondering what’s wrong. But you have that guy, right? You don’t love him. It’s the first time where you have no idea where your feelings stand with a guy. You have no idea what to do. You don’t know how to take it.

But why are you so dependent? Is it that you don’t want to be alone? You want someone to want you? You have that. You have parents and friends who love you, so you aren’t unwanted. So what’s your deal? Why are you so broken?

Get up! On your own. Yell at the world that has let you down. Scream out your lungs. Tell them how it is! Show them what they’re missing. The colors of your heart. The beauty in your soul. The art behind your eyes.

Breathe deep the sunrise until the sunset. Wear the pollen in your hair. Crown yourself queen of the wild. Hurl yourself through your dreams.

Just Be.


4 Responses to “Get Up!”

  1. valeriew said

    Hey, Amber, sorry to see you not recovered yet. Don’t know what to do, yet hope to leave a ‘CHEER UP, AMBER! YOU’RE NOT ALONE! NO ONE CAN LOOK DOWN ON YOU, NOT EVEN YOURSELF!’ to you. Though I may be just a stranger and should not interfere, I truely hope that you’ll stand up as soon as possible…

    • Thank you very much, really. I am standing on my own mostly. I don’t miss the guy really, just what I had with him. And I’m still trying to break down some mental blocks I set up when he left but I’m going to be fine. Thanks for caring, it’s really nice. :)

  2. dess said

    Love the letters :D

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