I like Chocolate Milk

June 10, 2010

This little guy is my favorite. I mean who doesn’t love him? He is adorable and lovable and squeezable and totally irritating. For some reason irritating people are the most loved.

Favorite Quotes;

Cheese: I have ringworm.
Cheese : I have gingivitis.
Cheese : I have scurvy.
Cheese : I have dandruff.
Cheese : I have athlete’s foot.
Cheese : I have tapeworm.
Cheese : I have mange.
Cheese : I have dermatitis.
Cheese : I have acne.
Cheese : I have enteritis.
Cheese : I have tonsillitis.

Cheese: Candy is broken.

Cheese: Can I have some fishy crackers?

Cheese: Sprinkle, sprinkle, little bar / How I wonder if a cat?

Cheese: I’m a horsey. NOW YOU’RE A HORSEY! *jumps on Bloo*


2 Responses to “I like Chocolate Milk”

  1. LOL this brings back memories. I haven’t watched cartoons in a while. Awesome post.


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