Life 101

June 4, 2010

Some things I’ve learned in my 17 years of life;
-Things never work out the way you plan.

-Parents aren’t dumb, but sometimes they are ignorant. XD

-Guys are scoundrels.

-Girls are mean.

-Just because there is a ring on your finger and a promise of his lips, doesn’t mean its real.

-People lie.

-People change; and in the worst ways and times.

-Never date a senior unless you are one yourself, they will soon become college kids.

-Just because he has a license doesn’t mean he is a good driver.

-People will lie to get what they want.

-Living life, and making stupid decisions are not the same thing.

-Midnight is not the time to be chasing after prince charming, its the time to be sleeping.

-If you leave your shoes at a guy’s house, he won’t search the land for the girl it fits.

-All girls are born princesses and should be treated so.

-But not all guys are born princes, and some of them never become so.

-Cookie monster still loves cookies even though he doesn’t eat them for breakfast anymore.

-I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

-Unlimited Texting should be able to be shared.

-The sweetest guys are the ones who are usually your best friend.

-All the pain in life can be heal by family and friends.

-Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of us all.

-The times in church where you want to stand up crying and shout to the lord should not be held back.

-The only touch to your heart that matters is the touch of God.

-The bible should be read everyday, by families. Especially on Christmas day.

-It is okay to let go now and then, as long as you’re not letting go of important things.

-Santa is not Satan. In fact you could even propose him as a symbol of faith.

-Arguing over religion is dumb. I’m not forcing anyone to believe.

-Saxophone is by far the coolest instrument ever made.

-Love is a re-newable resource.

-Family matters most.

-Live today, plan tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Life 101”

  1. nakedslurr said

    “-If you leave your shoes at a guy’s house, he won’t search the land for the girl it fits.”

    you are so not wrong!

  2. Mallard said

    A solid list! I’ve run into a number of these myself, especially the first one. And I very much agree: there’s no point in arguing over religion. I think religion is important for everyone to think about, and even debate, but I find arguments are largely counterproductive. Some of the best conversations I’ve had were debates about religion and spirituality with my roommates in college.

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