The Silence Ends Loudly

June 2, 2010

So I’m in Florida for a week and all I get is red shoulders and I didn’t even try to keep the sun off. I come back to Kentucky walk around with Chase for a bit and BAM! Red face. Suck.

Chase and I are doing great, by the way. It’s funny because I feel like I’m in Scrubs with him. I’m Carla and he is Turk and I’m competing with his best friend for his love, lol. John is my kryptonite. I guess I’ll just have to take up frisbee golfing. Sigh.

Disney was great, great, great. I love Disney World, and I always will. Last time I was there in October I decided to have my wedding there, I forgot about it until I went back, but as soon as I came home I started planning and looking just to get an idea of the price.

They have SO many options, like in front of Cinderella’s castle or at the Animal Kingdom. ANYTHING you want, you get it. I think the wedding pavilion with Cinderella’s carriage. I WILL have that carriage.

Amazing, right? Yeah it is.


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