An Apple a day

May 20, 2010

I had forgotten what it was like to be in a healthy relationship, and I’m not talking about one where I don’t get smacked around. I have a fear of being alone which makes me tend to jump head first into relationships and find them by any means possible. So I do, I find them on Facebook or something and start texting away, not even talking on the phone. Then a week or two later I’m shocked when it doesn’t work out.

But I actually met someone organically, I even talk to him on the phone. There is no feeling of rushing anything and we just enjoy all that we can of each other. It’s nice. I really like it :)

Lets hope it lasts, that would be amazing.


2 Responses to “An Apple a day”

  1. Mallard said

    That’s great to hear! It’s always a nice feeling when someone else finds love. I guess it makes me feel…hopeful about the world? If that makes sense.

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