The Seven Things He’d Need

May 17, 2010

1. He would without the slightest doubt love me completely, passionately, and unconditionally. I know I would and I’d love every single little piece of him. Even if he had horrible breath or sweated a lot. I’m a lot to handle, but I’m completely amazing for it.

2. Goofball. I will not settle for someone who won’t mess around with me. I am completely weird and goofy, therefore, so should he be. I want to play tricks on people, run around campus like idiots, and jump in moon bounces together.

3. Don’t ignore me when I text you, or I shall become vengefully clingy. Seriously, being ignored isn’t cool, you should never do it to someone you love. So if I want to know what you are doing for the 15th time in a row, tell me, peas.

4. Take me to go get junk food. I’m a big fan of cupcakes, cookie cake, blizzard, chocolate shake, chips, candy, anything bad for me. I’ll want these all the time, and if I don’t have them on hand I’ll really, really want some. Just go get me a cookie. I’ll love you forever.

5. I get cold a lot and very easily, help me.

6. I like going out and doing stuff just fine, but I love lying around with nothing to do, watching movies, and taking naps with you. It’s nice and you get rewarded for good behavior :) .

7. I have an awesome taste in music. I’ll educate yours, no doubt. Also, I play saxophone, you should probably go ahead and think this is cool, because it is. :P


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