May 16, 2010

It is 9:14 in the morning and it is raining outside. Not at all a pretty, happy day. There is no sunshine streaming through my window as I close my curtains to the dreary scene outside.

I hate this feeling. The achy pain in my knees and knuckles. The damp ends of my pants that won’t dry all day leaving my feet cold. The fact that my perfectly straightened hair is curling as I trudge to my car. Oh! My window is cracked. Good thing my interior is leather.

I want my sunshine.


6 Responses to “Rain…bleh.”

  1. joer223 said

    Hi Amber

    Your blog is nice I like it! Your post is excellent. I could feel and picture what you said about the rain, the dampness of the bottom of your pants, the feeling of cold feet….Great Job!
    I will make it a point to visit often, and comment on your posts.
    I think it’s nice to get valuable comments. It also helps to build blogging relationships, a sense of community, helps build readership, and gets you links, and traffic!
    All the best to you! continued success in blogging and life!
    Do you mind if I follow you on twitter? you can follow me joer223

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