I could think of a few reasons

May 16, 2010

So there is this guy, a guy I really don’t have much interest in. So I don’t dislike him but I don’t like him much either. Anyways he comes up to me today and asks me this question; “Why do attractive girls go for rednecks?”

I look at this dude. He has shoulder length curly hair that’s been straightened. He is wearing woman’s skinny jeans 3 sizes too big. A band t-shirt that is skin-tight over his flabby man boobs. Yeah you know the type.

Well I look back up to him and raise my eyebrow as if you say, “Are you serious”

And then finally, “Because they look like boys.”

No offense to people who dress like this, I’ve dated people who dress similarly. But if you want a cute little girl who isn’t a stereotype like you (to this kid) then you better stop basing your life off of what you think is non conformity. And cut your freakin hair.


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