Dear Mr. Charming,

May 16, 2010

Yes, this is another silly letter to you. I can’t help it, because I really can’t wait to see you. I stopped looking for you on the internet. I figure that is just too much work that won’t amount to anything. At least that narrows it down a bit.

Summer is about to start, the summer of my junior year. I can drive this summer, sucks that I can’t spend it riding around with you. I would have really enjoyed picnics and heading to the lakes. I wonder if this is another year without you completely. Don’t you know that I’m in pain and I need someone here to get angry over it for me?

I wonder if you are with a girl right now. She obviously isn’t meant for you, since you are my true love. I hope you don’t think she is me, and I hope she doesn’t keep her claim on you. I promise if she hurts you I can take the pain away. I’d do anything for you.

I wonder what you are like, I know you are amazing. I wonder if you like the same shows and movies I like. I hope you’ll like my paintings and pictures and music. I can teach you saxophone if you like. I bet you can play guitar, I’ve never had much patients in learning how to play guitar.

Where are you? I am really tired of waiting. Can you miss someone you have never met? No, I guess not. But I can miss love, and I definitely want it back. So hurry. Please, please, please hurry. I’m waiting, as always, and searching for you, and putting up with my parents. Just find me soon.

Love always,



5 Responses to “Dear Mr. Charming,”

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  2. ed said

    this is so sweet. you’ve got a little sing-song way to your writing. really terrific.

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