“I read peoples energies….yeah.”

May 16, 2010

I’m staying inside today. Rain gives me a weird feeling in my stomach, plus the fact mom said I can’t take her to town in my SUV, makes it a lot more appealing to stay inside.

I got my first OFFICIAL subscriber. Which is cool, and each day is better than the next for the number of views I get. I’ve tried many times to keep a blog and this is the first that has actually started going somewhere. In the words of my 3-year-old niece, “I’m so ‘sited!”

So hopefully, this blog will keep growing and growing and growing. Then I become world-famous and get rich. That’s how it works right? Thought so.

So I’m not really sure how this next part works but I’m going to link to a blog I’ve found really interesting. This is just a personal blog like mine but I like the way he writes. It’s what I’ve really tried to put into my blog myself. So check it out sometime.

Here I Am


4 Responses to ““I read peoples energies….yeah.””

  1. wshep87 said

    I really like the blog! And great minds must think alike since we’ve got the same theme! I remember how excited I was whenever I started getting more and more hits, I’m sure you have plenty more coming your way!

    Also, thank you for posting a link to my blog on here! I’m really glad you enjoyed what you saw!

  2. joer223 said

    Amber, keep writing! content is king! You’re going to do great, you already are! You got several hits just now……way to go!
    All the best!

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