Little Miss. Crazy

May 15, 2010

I need to become a better person. Since Robert left me I’ve become a crazy person. I went from very well liked to only slightly, and I always yell at people. Some may say it’s just a very loud way to express myself. I say I’ve become a bitch.

Really, I like being a bitch sometimes. People that deserve it should get that little slap in the face my words give them. But later on, I know I shouldn’t have, even though saying things nicely will just get me harsh treatment because teenagers will chew you up and spit you out.

It has caused me a lot of enemies. Girls and boys. When these people start throwing words back at me it only makes me want to throw punches, and I know I can win because I’m just plain dangerous.

I can help mend some bridges I’ve not only burned but practically pissed on before I’m out of high school so some people won’t remember me as an ass at least, but there are some that won’t mend (mostly because I didn’t start it.)

College will be my big stepping stone to a new beginning, although I really wish it wouldn’t be.

But that’s my goal for my senior year; Be a better person.


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