Summer’s Sweet Caress

May 2, 2010

Close you eyes. You can see the red of your eyelids as warm sunlight streams across your face. The cool grass of the field is itchy on your legs.  Close by a lawnmower roars to life, shooting out the smell of freshly mowed lawn, it mixes with the wildflowers playfully. The breeze blows through the tress, their leaves rattle and shake. His arms wrap around you pulling you closer as he squeezes you a hug. You hide a smile by turning your face into his chest, you feel a light kiss on the crown of your head. His smell makes you inhale deeply. He hums a wordless tune.

Open your eyes. He looks at your face with an awed expression you’ve both shared. The setting sun casts a pink tint across the sky, the fireflies dance in the last remaining rays. A bug lands on your arm and tickles as it lazily walks along.

The sun finally sinks from sight and the first stars twinkle their way into life, the moon shines it’s pearly glow. Now the fireflies waltz all around you, the grass is damp from dew. The chill of the night makes you shiver and he pulls you closer, draping his jacket over the two of you. Comets soar across the sky. Summer brings the memories of love.


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