A Voice

May 2, 2010

Here; she opens that horrible marred chest to the world. Her pain spills out so much like the tears pulled from her eyes. But her eyes are dry now, no sob escapes her throat. With the words she has kept to herself for so long, the story too painful to be told, she shows you her torment. She is broken.

Here; she smiles that brilliant smile. Those full lips have kissed many, have spoken true, have challenged the world. Those beautiful notes of wisdom escape through a sly smirk, her breath heavy with the scent of  youth. She is learned.

Here; her eyes shine in the sunlight. Behind those thick lashes they look through you with practiced ignorance. Sparkling with mischief, red with tears, strained with knowledge. She is beautiful.

Listen to her now. Her past, present, and future, displayed like a book. Learn her secrets as she tells her tales.


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