Hello and Goodbye all!

I am leaving for Disney and won’t be back until the 31st!



An Apple a day

May 20, 2010

I had forgotten what it was like to be in a healthy relationship, and I’m not talking about one where I don’t get smacked around. I have a fear of being alone which makes me tend to jump head first into relationships and find them by any means possible. So I do, I find them on Facebook or something and start texting away, not even talking on the phone. Then a week or two later I’m shocked when it doesn’t work out.

But I actually met someone organically, I even talk to him on the phone. There is no feeling of rushing anything and we just enjoy all that we can of each other. It’s nice. I really like it :)

Lets hope it lasts, that would be amazing.

Leave it be

May 19, 2010

Let me formally apologize before we even meet. If you want to see me, forget about it, because it’s not likely to happen. But you won’t care, because you’d leave me anyway. Because no one wants to deal with my fucked up life. So just go before you hurt me.

And yes, maybe I can get a little crazy.

But, baby, I go crazy for you.

Yes, the WHOLE hippo.

May 17, 2010

So my efforts with this guy finally worked out, and when I say efforts I mean almost no effort. This suits me just well because I am very lazy and seeing as how this guy has no texting and no Facebook I probably would have put off calling him for a very long time, I just hate talking on the phone. Anywho here he is. He is giving me a dirty look here on our little train ride, toot toot. I like to take pictures when people aren’t looking or don’t want me to, but don’t we all?

Well two more days of school left for me. It was the last day for seniors, because they have four mentor days and juniors only have two. Mentor days are days where the upperclassmen go out and shadow someone of their choosing. Some people actually shadow, most people mentor their XBox (or if you are me, Disney World!)

But I’m almost to the end of my junior career, sadness and excitement! You know what? Thank God for spell check. Why isn’t the guy who invited spell check in the history books like the guy who invited the telephone or the printing press. I’m pretty sure spell check, texting, and Facebook are just as important.

The title of this blog is totally irrelevant, unless of course I insert this line right here;

Je voudrais un hippopotame.